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After surviving an end of life cancer diagnosis I combined my professional expertise with my personal experience and all it has taught me. It started as a quest to help others with similar situations and has now turned into a system of transformation and healing that has helped many of my clients overcome their past traumas, disease and illness and step into who they really are with the confidence to show up in their lives like never before!


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Rapid Release

Free yourself from negative emotions, past trauma and the blocks to your development with Rapid Release Sessions

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Tantric Transformation


Tantric Transformation is a coaching program supporting you as you integrate tantra into your everyday life.


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Total Transformation!

Is a comprehensive, bespoke transformation and healing program to remove the invisible barriers and blocks to self-love and success.

Let go of old shame and pain, release past traumas, overcome disease and the drop the social conditioning of our up-bringing.

Discover how to love yourself and create a life full of love, joy & the success you deserve!

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