£750.00 GBP or more

Tantric Transformation

Learn to overcome the negative emotions and conditioning around your mind, body and sexuality.

What you'll get:

  • 7 Coaching Sessions
  • DIY Tantric Practices & Rituals
  • Access to a Tantric Yoga, Meditation & Breath-work Video Library

By tapping into our innate Kundalini energy system and activating our sexual energy centres, we build confidence in body and mind, and develop our sexual and spiritual selves.

This program is for you if want to, 

  •  Overcome past conditioning,
  •  Release sexual guilt and shame, 
  •  Embrace your sexuality,
  •  Learn Tantric techniques and methods for lasting orgasms,
  •  Reignite your sexual power,
  •  And integrate kundalini energy into your sexual activities

N.B. Sessions are conducted via Zoom video call in the privacy of your own space and involves practices of spiritual and erotic nature.

Price is mutually agreed upon during your initial connection call. Please do not purchase until agreed. £750 - £1125

What People Are Saying:

"Tantra helped me shed layers of guilt and shame and helped me to feel confident in my body and my sexuality. Richie is kind and considerate and provided a safe space to explore this. Thank you!"